- Individual counseling

- Family counseling

- Group counseling 

- Coaching subconscious mind

- Addiction counseling

- Equine assisted therapy

- Aftercare

- Online recovery program 

We work with most major insurance providers and can assist you in determining which insurance benefits will be available for your treatment. We will walk you through the process of accessing those benefits, and can also help you with financial arrangements for private payment if necessary.

Insurance Responsibility The client/patient must understand that it is the sole responsibility of the subscriber/guarantor to know what his/her insurance benefits are, and if the policy is in effect. As a courtesy to our clients, our business office will make every effort to verify the insurance and to obtain the benefits from the insurance company. No employee or anyone affiliated with OneStep will, or can be held responsible for knowing what a client’s insurance will or will not cover. This includes benefits that may have been quoted by the insurance company.


The business office will bill your insurance as a courtesy to you and make every effort to obtain payment. However, all or any portion of the bill that is not paid by the insurance carrier is the sole responsibility of the client and/or the guarantor. Benefits that are quoted by the insurance company may only reflect coverage charges and NOT 100% of the billed charges. Benefit quotations are subject to the member’s eligibility at the time benefits were requested and any quotations are not a guarantee of benefit coverage or of member eligibility until actual insurance payment for services is received. All anticipated uninsured/non-covered charges and projected co-payments are expected to be paid upon your scheduled appointment.



Online Outpatient Rehab - $2500 per month ( 2 payments)  or  one $4800 for 8 weeks  

16 Treatment Hours Per Month 

Individualized Treatment Plans 

Two 60-90-Minute Group/individual  Sessions Weekly 

One 1-Hour Individual Session Weekly 

See the program curriculum and objectives.

-Individual outpatient programs for addictions: please contact us for more information

-Individual counseling - $175 per hour

                                         (self pay - $90.00)


-Virtual Reality Therapy  - could be included for free with individual session 

-Brain Stimulation (tDCS) - $175 per 1 session

-Coaching - $175 per 60 min 

-Personal Growth Retreats

-Professional Growth Retreats

-Staff Training and Development


All programs could be delivered through live and   online format. They followed by a 90 day  of follow-up  weekly sessions over the phone or by Skype/Zoom  and live retreats. Please contact us for additional information, availability and rates.

 Video-conference services can also be arranged for individual counseling sessions.

Areas of specialization:

-Addictions, Recovery and Aftercare

-Chronic pain,

-Chronic fatigue syndrome

- Post Traumatic Stress Disorders

- Depression and Anxiety

- Panic Attacks and Phobias

- Relationship Problems and Conflict Resolutions

- Weight Management

- Eating Disorders

Rapid Transformational Recovery Program


Rapid Transformational Recovery is fast and effective. In order to beat addiction, or any kind of psychological roadblock, there needs to be an inner transformation that will result in sustainable and consistent changes to your lifestyle each and every day. That is the key to recovery.

But the truth is, Rapid Transformational Recovery is not like moving a boulder. This is a fun, exciting and rewarding personal recovery program that you can trust in.

We have met and worked with clients across many continents. We've interviewed hundreds of people who have gone through traditional rehab in order to ascertain what worked, and what didn't work. The results are clear – traditional treatment of addictions the way how it is presented know is inadequate. Relapse rates are high – and something needs to be done about it.

Part of the problem is that 90% of programs are dominated by the 12 step methodology. For some people, the 12 step program works. But one size does not fit all.  The issue, here, is that the 12 step program only takes you back to your front door.  Those psychological skills that are usually given to a person to move on and away from addictions are minimal and addressing their conscious mind. It helps you address the issue of addiction, but it does not necessarily give you the daily tools you need to defeat addiction for the rest of your life. Nothing about the 12 step program taps into the subconscious mind – the one place that will protect you from relapse.

This is where Rapid Transformational Recovery excels. It  is mostly about working with your subconscious mind. The one that sabotage and make you relapse.


Consider this: The entire society conceptualize addiction as an incurable disease and reinforce the philosophy of the rehab industry.  I advocate the following:  because treatment fail the population so often, the entire medical model, definition and treatment  of addiction should be seriously challenged and reconsidered.  Rapid Transformational Recovery  program accomplishes that.

Freedom from substances, experiencing personal and spiritual growth, leaving stigma, shame and fears behind are just few consequences of Rapid Transformational Recovery program.

There will be a lot of self-exploration involved. Ask yourself this: what would you be if you were not labeled an addict by society?

Through this holistic and elegant NON-12 Step framework, you will be presented with the most powerful ideas concerning addiction recovery I’ve learned in 20 years of my successful practice. It encompasses the best from the  fields of psychology of mind, interpersonal neurobiology, neuro therapy, counseling and coaching.

Let’s begin discovering your recovery. Because, in the end, your recovery is going to be unique to you. There is no set of magical steps that will cleanse addiction from your soul. You need to discover what will work for you, and Rapid Transformational Recovery is here to fasilitate that “inside-out” change.

Realizing Resilience Program


Improve the performance and the moral  of your organization by bringing out the resilience of your employees. Choose from several programs to address the the  stress, burnout, and effective teamwork. 

Brain Coaching program


Brain coaching is a wellness platform based on interpersonal neurobiology, and understanding how mind and brain work together. Through a series of online sessions you will be able to shift from surviving to thriving.


The main components of the program include: working on mindfulness, awareness, relationships, living, thinking “inside out”, insecurities, anxieties, and more.

Video Tutorials 
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