Equine Assisted Therapy     






Meet Dr.Kate and Nugget, a part of Eagala trained and certified team.

We are here for your Life Changing Journey. During our treatment sessions you will take control of your Life, change your outcomes ,  find the answers you are looking for, create lasting solutions to your life challenges.

We offer a professional nontraditional mental health model for strengthening resiliency and inside out transformation where you can achieve deeper healing.

Our process includes non-judgmental strategies to embrace your physical and emotional safety. While we holding the space for you, you will be able to explore all inner resources that you have forgotten about.

Horses will offer you powerful metaphors for situations in your life. Being highly intuitive and sensitive beings, they have a special ability to connect in ways that help you become present. This in turn will allow you to connect to your feelings, break through emotional and behavioral barriers without stigma, stop time travelling and start dealing with what’s going on now. It will give you clarity, grounding and the ability to move forward without caring the story of the Past.

This approach is for those who:

  • Want to feel excited and inspired about their lives again

  • Suffers with addictions, trauma, PTSD, C-PTSD

  • Suffers with eating disorders

  • Suffers from anxieties and depression

  • Going through broken relationship

  • Want to build confidence

  • And so much more….


We are Not: recreational horsemanship, riding lessons, therapeutic riding or any type of riding.